School Wash

School Wash

Janseva School Wash includes the development of drinking water, hand washing, and toilet facilities.It also encompasses the training of community resource people from schools and health institutions who initiate school sanitation and cleanliness projects to advance conduct change. Both components strengthen the learning environment surrounding children, promoting academic achievement and school attendance.

For example, in order to increase the retention rate of adolescent girls, private sanitary facilities for females must be available. Moreover, ineffectively kept up or missing sanitation and cleanliness offices are terrible for nature as well as can welcome the spread of diarrhea and respiratory diseases along with worm infestation worm pervasion, among schoolchildren.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Creating awareness among them will be the most economic way to save the nation. Please contribute to make these young citizens know about saving water. Your contributions will help us implement awareness campaigns in schools. Any disease spread starts from areas where there are many crow dings. Thus school can be one of the major areas of disease spread. Thus it is important to provide an awareness among children to wash their hands thoroughly.

Some of the measures that can be taken are:

1. Organizing fun games: Who doesn’t love games. If the students are motivated via games, they will tend to follow more of good habits. Hence the motivation can be easily achieved.

2. Awarding them small gifts: A small token of appreciation can be given to children who wash their hands. As they are appreciated more, the more they will tend to follow the rules.

3. Campaigns: The children themselves can be encouraged to create awareness among themselves. As the quote says “self motivation leads to self success:”. Self assessments can help in accomplishing the goal much easier.

Even today, many schools in villages are not able to access fresh, clean water. Thus these campaigns cannot be associated with these areas as washing the hands will only further contaminate them. Thus your contributions and donations can make us clean each drop of water and make those poor children healthy.

Every child deserves the right to be as healthy and happy as possible in their given circumstance. Putting resources into School Wash has long term benefits as it is demonstrated that kids are undeniably increasingly responsive to new thoughts or ideas and have the ability to develop good habits in their most formative years.
These students become powerful agents of change, fortifying what they have realized in regards to great cleanliness and sanitation at their homes with their families.

WASH is the collective term for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Due to their interdependent nature, these three core issues are grouped together to represent a growing sector. While each a separate field of work, each is dependent on the presence of the other. For example, without toilets, water sources become contaminated; without clean water, basic hygiene practices are not possible.


JVM’S work in water focuses on the ability for children to access safe water, the quality of the water they can access and the journey they must take to collect it. JVM is at the forefront of exploring innovative ways to access water, and building climate resistant infrastructure.


For sanitation, JVM works to ensure access and use of basic toilets and ways to separate human waste from contact with people. One important area of work for sanitation is to end the practice of “open defecation,” and facilitate community-led initiatives to build, maintain and use basic toilets.


JVM work in hygiene is aimed at nurturing good hygiene practices, especially handwashing with soap. Although it sounds simple, this act is essential to prevent disease and the health of children. More on hygiene
All three areas in WASH support and strengthen one another. If one is missing, the others cannot progress.
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