School for School

School for School

The school for school campaign primarily focused on execution of student based empowering programs like e-workshops, virtual summer camps etc to strengthen the physical and mental abilities of the students. This can help develop the fixed ability for children who suffer from dyslexia and autism.

The children’s mental and physical ability is determined by his/ her capacity to train or grasp things. This ability can be built by increasing their mental thinking capacity. Janseva mainly focuses on this part. It conducts free welfare programs where students can take part. This has more chances of strengthening students.

So wherever you are, come join us! Support those school-going children who do not have access to these three essentials. Engage in these simple and fun activities. You can be our extended arms to ensure that we strive towards a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Organize any of these activities that will work best. Have any other ideas, feel free to share!

The “playground campaign” organized by our organization helps in allocating free time for children to play apart from their academics to increase their physical and rugged strength. This can refresh both their mind and body and is especially used for children who suffer from autism and dyslexia.

Walk for water.

Organize a sponsored walk for your class or school and experience what it is like to walk for water every day.

Awareness Sessions.

Hold sessions with energizers, short films, presentations and interactive activities to understand the importance of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Handmade postcards

Make and sell handmade postcards with cool messages around water, sanitation and hygiene awareness.

Sell saplings and seeds

An eco-friendly, simple yet effective way in which you could help raise awareness about clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.


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