Rural & Urban Wash

Rural and Urban Wash

Realisation of rights of poor and marginalised people in urban areas to access
sustainable water and sanitation by 2040” Jansva vikas mandl is vison to India’s goal and purpose in urban WASH is to secure poor people rights to access sustainable WASH services with collaborative action with communities, governments, civil society and private sector using the City/Villages wide approaches and innovative practices in management, governance and technologies.

Developing rest rooms, especially portable ones are the main vision of this campaign. This will reduce the maintenance issues and maintain a healthy environment. Every buck you share with us will help us build a portable restroom. Share your contributions for the nation. With sharing starts caring. Considering the water bodies in the cities and the villages, it is important that we try to clean and disinfectant them. As considering the situation of pandemic, the water bodies may be contaminated which required additional resources to sterilize them up. Your shares can help in sterilizing these water bodies.

Key Thematic Focus in Urban

WASH portfolio Janseva vikas Mandal India appreciates the intricate links
between water, sanitation and hygiene issues and continue to work on entire gamut of Rural and urban WASH as per the needs of the local situation.
its urban WASH partners, we have identified the following five key thematic focus area in our Rural Works

  • WASH portfolio.
  • Right to Sanitation in urban areas including Facial Sludge Management
  • Right to SAFE water supply particularly for Rural and urban poor
  • Personal Hygiene including menstrual hygiene management
  • Capacity strengthening of ULBs for improved solid waste management.


We tackle the inequalities that prevent the poorest and most marginalised people from realising their rights.

Sustainable Services:

We support governments and service providers to strengthen systems to deliver services that last.


We work with others to develop plans that accelerate change by integrating water, sanitation, and hygiene into Sustainable development.


We positively influence hygiene behaviour to maximize the benefits of access to safe water and sanitation.

We perform this by:

• Convincing governments to change laws and policies • Strengthening service provider's capacity, Changing attitudes, and Resources. behaviours ,Pooling knowledge


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