Sustainable Agricultural

Sustainable Agricultural

The main objective is to empower marginalized communities through traditional knowledge, grassroots innovations and conservation of agricultural biodiversity. Janseva vikas mandal intends promoting people’s movement with Gandhian principles.

Janseva Vikas Mandal has been involved in the following activities

Documentation and dissemination of indigenous knowledge and grassroots innovations and conservation of local livestock breeds in Maharashtra and India.

Organising training programme on herbal preparations for preventive and curative treatment of livestock diseases.

Capacity building of innovators, pastoralists, livestock keepers and farmers for testing, demonstration and dissemination of their products, Soil test,knowledge or breeds conserved by them.

Janseva vikas Mandal promotes self help groups or association with farmers, livestock keepers and grassroots innovators. 

Janseva Vikas Mand has collaborates with organizations, Corporate and volunteers in other language regions of the Maharashtra, country for the purpose of knowledge networking. Janseva vikas mandal has been publishing a news letter and Awareness session in Maharashtra for communicating indigenous knowledge, sustainable farming practices, innovations in agriculture, animal husbandry and natural resource management. JVM’S facilitates capacity building of grassroots innovators, traditional healers for testing and dissemination of their products in close association with Organizations.
Janseva vikas Mandal is coordinating many NGOs and institutes and document cases of livestock keepers conserving local livestock breeds and recognize them through Awards,programme supported by National Bio diversity Authority, NABARD and attempt capacity building of livestock keepers and pastoralists towards conservation of local livestock breeds in India.
We greatly acknowledge the support received from National Bio diversity Authority, NABARD, CEE , Institutes undertaking our activities.

Janseva and other organisations increasingly understand and address why people do not have these services. We are also supporting them to engage with governments to make decent facilities normal for everyone. But slow progress and weak accountability mean millions of people are still being left behind.

Empowering people to claim their rights, and holding governments responsible for addressing discrimination brings long-term changes in attitudes, policies, and laws. We are working to change and strengthen systems so that everyone’s rights are, fulfilled, sustainably.

India is known for using organic manure for its agriculture. But due to reduction in the economy for farmers especially during pandemics, it’s difficult to adopt such methods. Your contributions can help promote sustainable strategies in agriculture to improve it. Apart from pandemic conditions, technology of production is also very important. The total farmers who lost their crops and other harvesting due to pandemic situation is about 93% (as per the record of National crop production sector). Thus availability of low cost technological tools is important to develop their production in order to compensate the loss they faced during the pandemic. Thus your contributions and the donations can help us build a suitable environment for them.


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