Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Drops Makes Ocean:

This campaign was started as a vision to save water with respect to individuality. The campaign focuses on the fact that if each one of us donate time to close the taps tightly, those drops conserved by every individual can conserve liters of water. Don’t donate your money, instead donate your time. As a part of this campaign, you can send screenshots and selfies of you and the tap and that will be recorded in the organization’s website. From change, starts the innovation, from you starts the change.

Help the Needy:

Even today, there are many towns and cities which do not receive pure water to drink and other basic needs. We started this campaign to provide those cities a hand. Your donations can help us provide them fresh water. A country will be called developed only when all of its cities are developed, not just one or two. Your contribution will not only affect that village’s economy, but also the nation’s economy. Share your hands with us to develop the nation, to save millions of lives.

आत्मनिर्भर भारत:

In the vision of making India self – dependent, the government is taking steps to develop small scale industries. Your contributions can help the industrialists develop a water saving community to save water. Sea water is available in abundance in India but suitable technology is not available. Right people with talents are looking for a platform to showcase their ideas. Be a part of contributors and help India become self dependent

Bridge the Lines:

Are you a social volunteer and are looking for a platform to contribute? Then Janseva Vikas Mandal is the right place for you. You can now connect with us in the clean water campaign where every penny you contribute will be used in cleaning water bodies. When there is Swachh Bharat for land, why not a campaign for cleaning water. Clean India, Healthy India.


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