Other Social Activities

Health Check-up Camp:

Janseva Vikas Mandal organised One Day Health Camp these camps. People surrounding this area came and checked up by an expert medical team thoroughly. And also this team advised them accordingly and provide free medicines and also aware of them about cleanness for a hygienic environment. Women’s health refers to the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a women’s physical and economic well-being, health is an important factor that contributes to human well-being and economic growth. Currently, women in India have to face numerous health issues, which ultimately affect the aggregate economy’s output.

For small session conducted Menstrual Hygiene and importance of biodegradable products in that village. 1 girl use 5000 to 6000 non-biodegradable pads in her entire menstrual cycle which stays in our environment for more than 500 years. We are trying to spread awareness about use of biodegradable menstrual products and menstrual hygiene by conducting workshops throughout India and Maharashtra. Most of the parts of India cannot afford menstrual hygiene products nor have access to such workshops. We are seeking help so that we can carry out this campaign on a sustainable basis.

Feeding Programme

Janseva organized Food Distribution for people in this month feeding and cloth distributions for peoples, the food items sponsored by the teams’ friends and our Janseva Secretory the people will always be doing these kinds of social works for the old aged people the programme was facilitated by friends and a guest, and some yoga tips health tips physiotherapist also suggested them some exercised with the demonstration.

Empowering girl education:

We believe in girl education to be the nation’s pride. Thus the organization actively participates in building girl’s education. The works include enrolling them in government schools, enrolling them with teachers from our organization etc.

Sustainable use of resources:

We believe in “Saving today will save for tomorrow”. We create awareness campaigns for sustainable use of resources and fuels. Some of the existing activities going on include a walkathon and rally.

Blanket Distribution:

As we all know that until community at large are not getting fruits of development, we can’t say we are develop and development schemes will note reach up to grass root, so we have to train them in a proper way. So the organization conducted different types of advocacy programmes for the community people and mobilized them for their rights. So people from all communities can get the test of development and their rights must keep. As the organization believes in a participatory approach so through the process people are motivated and mobilized. So far the organization organized 8 nos. such type’s workshops/camps and the impact of the programme is quite satisfactory. Structural Convergence is possible: The Post Literacy Libraries can also be used as resource points for getting legal aid information and thus act as legal clinics.

Motivational campaigns to induce learners and volunteers. The literacy skills are expected to be retained through a series of post-literacy booklets written in simple language for the consumption of neo-literates. Disadvantage people are really become helpless in winter because they have not enough shelter and winter clothes, they depend on other’s efforts for them.

Tree Plantation Programme:

The students and teachers, Doctors, Engineers are participated in this programme, selected the empty places and the roadsides to plant saplings in a well-organised way. The saplings were supplied by the Janseva and volunteers. In order to restore the eco-balance of the afforestation drive was taken with all seriousness. Anyway, participants were highly enthusiastic to make it a big success. The students planted saplings, and fenced them and watered the plants. Every step of the programme was appreciated by the representatives of the administration and the local forest department officials. The programme created a great stir among the general public too. At the end of the programme the school and our volunteers held a small seminar.

Birth Anniversary of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj:

The Birth Anniversary of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is celebrated all over Maharashtra with enthusiasm. Janseva Vikas Mandal organisation, cultural organisation, educational institutes, and government offices held various competitions to mark the event.

Secretary said Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a legendary king known for his warfare strategies, administrative skills, progressive outlook and respect for women. His life and legendary acts of bravery will continue to inspire every Indian.

He was a warrior for truth and justice. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is revered as an ideal ruler, devout patriot and is particularly respected by the poor and downtrodden.


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