About JVM

We Make a Life By What We Give

Why Janseva?

Janseva Vikas Mandal makes valid and persistent endeavours in providing a Sustainable Life, Clean Water, Sanitation, and educate the poor children in every school, promote education, and develop confident citizens for the nation. We implement the Social Work Schemes in partnership with the Government of India and various states Government, which provide cash subsidies to implement the Scheme.

Our Vision

Economic Empowerment, Water, Improved Information, Education and Health Services were considered to be essential elements of developments programmes.

Main Focus Social

Safe Drinking & Ground Water Programmes Sanitation compaign & Awareness Programmes Child Education programmes etc…

Our Mission

“We Make a Life By What We Give”

Where We Work

We Work Rural Areas for Drought free Maharashtra, children of Government and Government-aided schools across Maharastra


    Janseva Vikas Mandal,
    Kalyan Nagar, Raj Corner,
    Taroda Bk., Nanded,
    Maharashtra - 431602