IF YOU SAVE WATER - WATER WILL SAVE YOU Water is life's mater, matrix, and medium.
There is no life without water.
Save now to secure future
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Rural & Urban Wash Developing rest rooms, especially portable ones are the main vision of this campaign. This will reduce the maintenance issues and maintain a healthy environment. Read More School Wash Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Creating awareness among them will be the most economic way to save the nation. Read More Sustainable Agricultural Sustainability is a key challenge for rural water services. We have been piloting alternative financing mechanisms, management models and technologies to improve this. Read More School for school The school for school campaign primarily focused on execution of student based empowering programs like e-workshops, virtual summer camps etc to strengthen the physical and mental abilities of the students. Read More Our campaigns This campaign was started as a vision to save water with respect to individuality. The campaign focuses on the fact that if each one of us donate time to close the taps tightly, those drops conserved by every individual can conserve liters of water Read More Other Social Activities We offer a wide range of activities for residents both on and off site and encourage everyone to take part in community activities and outings.  On site social activities. Read More